University of Colorado Student Team


CU Challenge Contacts:
Sebastian Corradino, Lecturer

Michael Kercheval, Executive Director
Ph: 303.492.8410

Katie Latier, Associate Director
Ph: 303.492.3643


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About the CU Real Estate Center:

The CU Real Estate Center was founded by a passionate group of local real estate leaders in 1989, the Center's mission is to foster and develop aspiring real estate professionals. We offer rigorous coursework, co-curricular activities, a personalized approach to networking and mentorship, and hands-on learning experiences. Our students graduate knowing they're prepared to make a positive impact. Our employer network hires nearly every graduate of our program—perhaps its most important validation.

Our faculty is chaired by one of the nation’s top real estate finance professors and academic researchers, Dr. Tom Thibodeau. The faculty includes full-time instructor Curtis Sears; and five lecturers with industry experience in law, architecture, and development. The Center is led by Executive Director Mike Kercheval, a real estate executive with a proven track record of accomplishment and innovation.

The program provides both undergraduate and MBA students with opportunities to earn a degree with an emphasis in real estate. Undergraduates complete 18 credit hours of real estate classes and an internship program. MBA students complete 18 credit hours of real estate classes to receive a degree with an emphasis in real estate. 

We are value-proven and vision-driven. We're not interested in sitting back and watching as the industry moves forward. We're in the mix, innovating change.

The Real Estate track in the Leeds MBA program is unlike any in the nation in its commitment to student development and career placement. We are defined by our personalized approach to career services, by our network of industry leaders, and by the depth and ambition of our curriculum. We build and nurture connections—sound relationships are paramount to the success of our industry. We foster alliances that make our business environment better.

Course Description - RMREC Class:
Develops skills in real estate decision-making. Teams design, complete and present a real estate project in a competition forum.  Team members organize and assign responsibilities, interact with real estate professionals, and apply appropriate quantitative and qualitative tools and procedures.