Accomplishments To Date

The Common Cents Fund officially launched in April 2001. Following are some of our accomplishments to date:

  • Secured funding of $209,000 in 2001 (9 Months) and $249,000 in 2002. Funded all operations to date with no Chapter funds required. Our 2005 budget is $300,000.
  • Employ a full time executive director to oversee the lobbying, public relations and educational efforts on behalf of the Common Cents Fund.
  • Employ and continue to expand our involvement with our lobbying firm, Axiom Strategies Incorporated, and continue to develop and implement strategies for increased participation in statewide public affairs.
  • Since inception, have been actively involved in several major legislative issues of direct interest to our members and customers. Growth legislation (2002); Construction Defect reform (2003); Eminent Domain reform (2001) and others including sub-contractor
    indemnification and water and land use, etc.
  • Continue to established direct contact with key legislators through PAC activity, political party contributions, public testimony, one on one meetings, and other involvement in the political process.
  • Established relationships with other major lobbying groups including Colorado Association of Homebuilders, Agriculture and Contractor Associations, Affordable Housing interests, Ski Country USA, Apartment Association, Realtors, BOMA, ICSC, and other business interests. We continue to make it a priority to build sound working relationships with these groups as we have learned that cooperation is the way to ensure sound public policy.
  • Increased our support of the Center for Tax Policy (formerly Colorado Public Expenditure Council – CPEC), including the appointment of our executive director to the Council’s board of directors.
  • Established an Internet presence at under Common Cents to provide pertinent information on the Common Cents Fund and under Taxation, Growth, Affordable Housing, and Water & Power with respect to those specific issues.
  • Participated in intense media training sessions designed specifically for our executive director and executive committee members.
  • Established direct contact and developed relationships with several key members of the media and have been successful in having “positive” member quotes in local papers.
  • Established regular scheduled meetings for the Legislative Affairs Committee (LAC) and its sub-committees. Expanded membership of the LAC and have finalized our procedures for the establishment and approval of various NAIOP positions by the committees.
  • Became a founding Board member of Coloradoan’s for Water Conservation and Development. A major accomplishment of this group has been to lead the effort to delist the “Preble’s jumping mouse”.
  • Established the NAIOP Political Action Committee and Small Donor Committee. Raised and distributed $24,100 in the 2004 election cycle.
  • Hold annual meetings on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. with the entire Colorado delegation.
  • Encouraged grassroots activity by establishing a letter writing capability through NAIOP National.
  • Have established priority issues in each year (see the statement of priorities)
  • During the 2004 Session were actively involved in significant legislative victories including urban renewal and eminent domain, sub-contractor indemnification and other issues. See the 2004 legislative wrap-up.
  • Contributed $16,000 to “FasTracks Yes” campaign and $50,000 to “No on 34” initiative in 2004. Our Executive Director was on the Executive Committees of both campaigns.
  • Contributed $24,000 to State House and Senate campaigns in 2004. Funds went to 38 House races (35 were winners) and 13 Senate races (9 were winners).