April 2016 Volume 2, Issue 2
Overlay Zone Districts: Design Your Transit Oriented Development

Westminster Station TOD - NAIOP chose the perfect Case Statement for the 2016 Real Estate Challenge. The Train to the Plane, also known as the A Line, arrived on April 22nd and has connected Union Station to DIA in a quick 37 minutes. The A Line is the toast of the town, but April 22nd is in the past – the B Line is the future. In Summer of 2016, Denver will connect to the Westminster RTD Station via the B Line in an even quicker 11 minutes.

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January 2016 Volume 2, Issue 1
Sample Federal Law Update: A Tax Extender made permanent

As many of you know, for more than a decade, NAIOP has been successful in securing tax extensions for 15-year leasehold depreciation. Though the extensions have been effective, we have long advocated the importance of its permanency. Today, it is gratifying to share that we have achieved our goal, as the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015 makes 15-year qualified leasehold improvement depreciation permanent! 

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2016 Law Corner Sponsored by:

Welcome to the 2016 NAIOP Colorado “Law Corner”!  As a part of Husch Blackwell’s sponsorship package for 2016, we have been provided the opportunity to share with our NAIOP member’s information regarding legal and legislative issues that are relevant to your activity in the commercial real estate market.

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Jill E. Nelson, Senior Counsel   Jeffrey M. Miller, Associate
Seth Weiland, Associate    


December 2013 Volume 1, Issue 4

Managing the Risks of Environmental Contamination in Redevelopment Projects

Over the past year, Law Corner has focused on a number of emerging development issues of interest to the development community.  In this final Law Corner article of 2013 we discuss methods of managing risks of environmental contamination in redevelopment projects.  Urban infill and brownfields redevelopment projects are often the most desirable options for accommodating urban growth.  Whether these projects involve redevelopment of municipal property or private property within municipal boundaries, they typically involve significant municipal and private involvement in the development process and often a public-private partnership.  Tools are available to assist both the private and the public sector in managing the risks associated with environmental remediation and make brownfield and urban-infill sites highly attractive development opportunities.

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July 2013 Volume 1, Issue 3
Wildfires Spark Renewed Interest In Development Regulations: What the Proposed Rules Could Mean for Your Project

As the State’s natural beauty lures more development into woodland areas, Colorado forest fires grow increasingly destructive. Damages – once limited to the loss of natural landscapes, a few stray structures and firefighting costs – now encompass the devastation of entire communities. Losses can be staggering, and governments struggle to find ways to cope with the added financial burden. In response, State and local governments are currently considering prevention measures that could have serious consequences for development in fire-prone areas.

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May 2013 Volume 1, Issue 2
Rail-Served Industrial and Commercial Properties: Tips for Property Owners

In this issue of Law Corner, we address some of the unique considerations that arise when acquiring or developing a commercial or industrial site served by freight rail. This ongoing series of articles will explore other emerging development issues; we encourage NAIOP members to suggest topics by emailing us at bsilberstein@kaplankirsch.com.

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February 2013 Volume 1, Issue 1
Transit Oriented Development: Understanding TODs in the Denver Metro Area

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