Common Cents Fund

Talking Points for Members

Following are talking points to use when speaking with or writing to your clients and customers about the CCF.

  • Established in 2001 by the NAIOP-Colorado Board of Directors, the purpose of the Common Cents Fund is to support the public policy program which gives property owners and their customers a voice on the issues that affect their ability to conduct business in Colorado.
  • The program specifically seeks to influence only those issues that are of benefit to our members and their customers, the tenants in their buildings. Initially we identified these target issues to be growth (including transportation, land use and other quality of life issues), affordable housing, taxation and water issues. To this have been added economic development and other issues which affect the development and operation of our buildings.
  • The primary funding mechanism of the CCF is very simple: one cent per square foot of property owned or managed.
  • Contributions to CCF are voluntary.
  • Contributions from associate members (who do not own or manage property) are welcomed and encouraged, as public policy issues affect everyone's ability to conduct their business.
  • The amount contributed by each owner is relatively small in comparison to the potential benefits of lower property taxes, sound growth management legislation, affordable housing and proper water storage, conservation, and management.
  • NAIOP believes that contributions can be passed through to customers as part of operating expenses based on language already included in most commercial leases for the following reasons:
    • Lobbying efforts of the CCF will be of direct benefit to your customers.
    • Any lobbying by NAIOP which cannot be justified to your customers (for example, forced access) will be undertaken by NAIOP directly and not the CCF.
    • Your customers ultimately pay higher rent due to increased development costs caused by unfavorable public policy decisions.
    • Your customers and their employees ultimately bear the burden of poor planning through higher priced housing, traffic congestion and transportation problems, and other social consequences that affect our quality of life.
    • The cost of higher property taxes and increased operating costs are also ultimately passed on to the tenant/customer.
    • As the voice of commercial real estate we are able to represent your customers and their industry as an influential and unified front in order to address the issues that affect these costs.
  • The Common Cents Fund is based on the highly successful "Penny Per Square Foot" program created by the Minnesota chapter of NAIOP ten years ago. Most property owners in Minnesota pass through the penny per square foot to their customers, and few have ever been questioned during expense audits.
  • NAIOP Colorado and the CCF have the full support of our National organization and their full-time staff person who is devoted solely to state and local issues. 

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