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Date Topic Presenter
November 2010 Industry Outlook: Retail David Larson
October 2010 DL Real Estate Hot Topics Panel: What is Up (or Down) with Cap Rates? Leanne Toler
October 2010 DL Real Estate Hot Topics Panel: Half Full or Half Empty Bill Lucas
September 2010 ReENERGYze Series: Public Policy, Legislature & Regulatory Policy Issues David L. Bernhardt
September 2010 ReENERGYze Series: Advanced Biofules Presentation on Public Policy Michael J. McAdams
August 2010 ReENERGYze Series: Addressing the Real Estate Needs of the Clean Energy Industry Erik Abrahamson
August 2010 ReENERGYze Series: Streamlined Permitting Daniel Belin
August 2010 ReENERGYze Series: Addressing the Real Estate Needs of the Renewable Energy Industry Gregory Vallin
August 2010 Southeast Market Update: IKEA Doug Greenholz
August 2010 Southeast Market Update: Ridgegate Keith Simon
August 2010 Southeast Market Update - Jamie Gard Jamie Gard
July 2010 ReENERGYze Series Session III: Financing Renewable Energy & Clean Tech Greg Johnson
July 2010 ReENERGYze Series Session III: Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Lee Johnson & Mike Noyes
July 2010 Mid Year Forecast: Industrial Jim Bolt & Ryan Good
July 2010 Mid Year Forecast: Investment Tim Swan
July 2010 Mid Year Forecast: Land Eric Roth
July 2010 Mid Year Forecast: Office Frank Kelley
July 2010 Mid Year Forecast: Retail Jon Weisiger
June 2010 ReENERGYze Series Session II: Where Sun and Wind Hit the Bottom Line Wayne Barrett, Drew Torbin & Matt Singleton
June 2010 Inside the Deal Chad McWhinney
June 2010 1800 Larimer: The Development Story Randy Schwartz
June 2010 Lifestyle of a Denver Icon: 918 17th Street Patrick Devereaux and Tommy Nigro
May 2010 ReENERGYze Series Session I: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute Dr. Carl Koval
May 2010 ReENERGYze Series Sesssion I: Re-Energize Your Real Estate by Metro Denver EDC Holli Baumunk
March 2010 Healthcare Presenter Information Chris Bodnar, Michelle Brokaw, Greg Morris, Tim Schlichting & James Turpen
March 2010 Medical Office Market Information Chris Bodnar
January 2010 Economic Forecast: The Anemic US Recovery (144 KB)
Dr. Mike Englund
January 2010 Economic Forecast: Picking Up the Pieces (564 KB)
Patty Silverstein
January 2010 Economic Forecast (1.7 MB)
Dr. Glenn Mueller
November 2009 The Fitzsimons Life Science District & Anschutz Medical Campus (213 KB)
Jill Farnham
November 2009 Fitzsimons Village (4.3 MB)
Andrew Klein
November 2009 Fitzsimons Life Science District (1.1 MB)
Jim Chrisman
November 2009 VA Eastern Colorado Health Care Systems Replacement Facility (1.5 MB)
Lynette Roff
October 2009 DL Educational Event: Emotional Intelligence
Slide Presentation (711 KB)
Handout (208 KB)
James Terrell
October 2009 Creating a Conservation Culture (1.1 MB)
Stacy Smith,
Denver Water
October 2009 Xcel Energys Energy Efficiency Programs (454 KB)
Derek Shockley,
Xcel Energy
October 2009 Energy Efficiency Incentives & Rebates: 1755 Blake Street (728 KB)
James McGibney,
First Century Development, LLC
October 2009 Efficiency Rebates (77 KB)
Patrick Gorham,
CB Richard Ellis
August 2009 Going Green Series: The Legalities  A Presentation and Discussion of
Legal Concepts and Issues in Green Leasing
(147 KB)
Aaron Hyatt
Mike Rooks
August 2009 Going Green Series: The Legalities  The Regulatory Environment
Slides (206 KB) · Outline (104 KB)
Carolynne White
August 2009 Solving the Generational Puzzle (750 KB)
Caroline Turner
July 2009 Going Green Series: Costs & Benefits of USGBC LEED Certification (2.8 MB)
Brian Levitt
July 2009 Going Green Series: New Energy Economy (1.1 MB)
Alice Madden
July 2009 Metro Denver Retail Market (1.0 MB)
Jon Weisiger
July 2009 Land Sales 2009: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (3.2 MB)
Stew Mosko
July 2009 Industrial Market Update (3.0 MB) Jim Bolt, Mike Camp
July 2009 Denver Office Market: Overview & Forecast (82 KB)
Barry Dorfman
July 2009 Denver Capital Markets Overview
For information, please contact the presenters directly.
Tim Richey (303.813.6405)
Mike Winn (303.813.6475)
June 2009 Going Green Series: Analysis of Audit (1.3 MB)
Joel Asrael
June 2009 Going Green Series: Existing Building Commissioning
for Improved Building Operation
(3.2 MB)
Tom Poeling
June 2009 Going Green Series: LEED EB O&M Version 3 (79 KB)
Clay Strickland
June 2009 80s Trivia Quiz Answers (34 KB)
Martha Nachman
May 2009 Going Green to Find Gold Series: Improving the Asset (1.8 MB)
Steve Alshuler
May 2009 Going Green to Find Gold Series:
Youve Decided to Go Green, Now What?
(1.9 MB)
Ben Stanley
April 2009 Transforming Our Energy Economy:
The Role of Renewable Energy
(5.0 MB)
Douglas Arent
March 2009 Todays Lending Environment (727 KB)
Todd Grover, Carl Hamm,
Eric Tupler, Seth Wolkov
January 2009 Global De-leveraging Driving the Downturn (147 KB)
Mike Englund
January 2009 Charting a New (Economy) Course (447 KB)
Patty Silverstein
January 2009 Annual Economic Forecast (436 KB)
Tom Thibodeau
October 2008 Green Series: Future Trends -- Energy (231 KB)
Paul Kowalis
October 2008 Green Series: Translating Climate Change and Energy
Constraints Into Competitive Advantage
(2.0 MB)
Matthew Wilson, Ph.D.
October 2008 Green Series: Five Stages of Sustainability (1.7 MB)
Lauren Yarmuth
October 2008 Downtown Denver: Retail Hotspot (295 KB)
Tami Door
October 2008 Denver Pavilions (4.2 MB)
Mark Sidell
September 2008 Green Series: Trends Encouraging Large-Scale Sustainable
(8.0 MB)
Dan Cohen
September 2008 Green Series: Going Beyond LEED-ND (1.9 MB)
Pat Dawe
September 2008 Green Series: LEED for Neighborhood Development (768 KB)
Drew Torbin
August 2008 Green Series:
LEED Construction & Existing Building Operations
(1.4 MB)
Courtney France,
Katherine Wagenschutz
August 2008 Severance Tax Initiative Presentation (184 KB)
Mike Beatty
July 2008 Green Series: Signature Centre Case Study (1.1 MB)
Tim Swan
July 2008 Green Series:
Solar Energy Opportunities for Commercial Properties
(6.5 MB)
T. Amory Host
July 2008 CB Richard Ellis Market View Handouts -
Office, Industrial & Retail
(8.0 MB)
Courtesy of CB Richard Ellis
July 2008 Mid-Year Industrial Update (683 KB)
Jim Bolt, Bill Thompson
July 2008 Investment Mid-Year Review (591 KB)
Mary Sullivan, Ron Urgitus
July 2008 Land Market Outlook (561 KB)
Jim Capecelatro, Mike Kboudi
July 2008 Denver Office Market Outlook (1.2 MB)
Frank Kelley
June 2008 Green Series:  It's the Money (1.4 MB)
Alan Whitson
June 2008 RTD FasTracks & Union Station (1.5 MB)
Bill Sirois
June 2008 Denver's Union Station (1.5 MB)
Frank Cannon
May 2008 Green Series: The Green Wave...Are You Riding It? (3.4 MB)
Tom Hootman
May 2008 Green Series: Sustainability at Stapleton (2.7 MB)
Melissa Knott
May 2008 Green Series: Colorado's New Energy Economy (4.3 MB)
Tom Plant
April 2008 Captain "Credit" Crunch (1.9 MB)
Patrick Devereaux
April 2008 Credit Crunch from Institutional Investor Perspective (362 KB)
Wade Judge
April 2008 CMBS Market Meltdown (334 KB)
Clay Sublett
March 2008 Competing for Leadership in a Global Economy (342 KB)
Tom Clark
March 2008 Colorado's Transforming Economy (108 KB)
Don Elliman
January 2008 2008: A Challenging Year for Commercial Real Estate (537 KB)
Michael Cohen
January 2008 Regional Economic Conditions
To obtain a copy, please contact Stacee Montague
at (303) 572-2385 or
Mark Schweitzer
November 2007 LEED and Green Building Overview (2.1 MB)
Tom Hootman
November 2007 User Effective Buildings (2.1 MB)
Chris Ernst
November 2007 USGBC LEED-CS Pilot Certification --
Signature Centre at Denver West
(2.4 MB)
Chris Ernst
November 2007 To LEED or Not to LEED? (1.1 MB)
Bill Reynolds
November 2007 The World's Going Green...Are You? (619 KB)
Don Slack
October 2007 What's Up in Downtown (702 KB)
Tami Door
October 2007 1001 - 17th Street (1.6 MB)
Paul Hogan
October 2007 1400 Wewatta & 1401 Wynkoop (2.2 MB)
James Mansfield
October 2007 1515 Wynkoop (1.3 MB)
Jay Despard
October 2007 1900 - 16th Street (1.4 MB)
Bill Mosher
September 2007 Water Series: Economic Development & Water (7.0 MB)
Hank Brown
August 2007 In-Fill Development (401 KB)
Jonathan Bush
August 2007 In-Fill Development (3.7 MB)
Alan Colussy
August 2007 In-Fill Development (257 KB)
Stephen Moyski
July 2007 Water: Colorado Water Supply (4.0 MB)
Rick Brown
July 2007 Water: Water Systems Management (889 KB)
Jim Landeck
July 2007 Denver Office Market Outlook (2.3 MB)
Frank Kelley
July 2007 Denver Industrial Markets (1.3 MB)
James M. Bolt
July 2007 Denver Retail Market Outlook (2.2 MB)
Pat McHenry
July 2007 CB Richard Ellis Market View Handouts -
Office, Industrial & Retail
(7.0 MB)
Courtesy of CB Richard Ellis
July 2007 Real Estate 101 - Factors that Drive Value (412 KB)
Stephen J. Roesinger
July 2007 Mid-Year Commercial Forecast Presenter Resumes (738 KB)
Doug Bakke, James M. Bolt, Frank Kelley,
Pat McHenry, Tim Richey, Ty Ritchie,
Stephen J. Roesinger, Mike Winn
June 2007 Water Development: A West Slope Perspective (2.9 MB)
Stan Cazier
June 2007 Colorado Water Law:
Environmental Considerations
(1.6 MB)
Melinda Kassen
June 2007 Water Strategies (3.1 MB)
Representative Jerry Sonnenberg
June 2007 Commercial Real Estate -- Then & Now (185 KB)
Gary Antonoff, John Fuller and John Madden
May 2007 Municipal Water Providers: Aurora's Water System --
Past, Present and Future
(3.8 MB)
Peter Binney, P.E.
May 2007 Denver Water Board: Water for Tomorrow (679 KB)
Denise Maes & Chips Barry
May 2007 The Changing Debt Markets (2.8 MB)
Todd Grover
April 2007 Water: Deep Groundwater (1.4 MB)
Scott Clark
April 2007 Water: Water Law Basics (72 KB) Joseph Dischinger
March 2007 Water: An Overview and History (1.5 MB) Mayor Ed Tauer
January 2007 Winding Paths (430 KB) Patty Silverstein
January 2007 Meet the New Boss (226 KB) Carl Tannenbaum
August 2006 The Art of the Deal (1.6 MB) Barry Elms
July 2006 Land Market (213 KB) Jim Capecelatro and Mike Kboudi
July 2006 NAIOP Mid Year Update Industrial (1.5 MB) James Bolt
July 2006 Metro Denver Retail Market (533 KB) Jon Weisiger
April 2006 TransPort (1 MB) William D. Schuck
April 2006 Global Trends in Product Flows (9 MB) Robert Watson
March 2006 What's Up in Downtown (2.5 MB) Downtown Denver Partnership
January 2006 Market Cycle Analysis (394 KB) Glenn R. Mueller
January 2006 Commercial Forecast (1.5 MB) David Pearce Snyder
October 2005 Mixed-Use (19.3 MB) Gene Kohn
July 2005 Mid-Year Investment Forecast (1.1 MB) Mike Winn and Tim Richey
July 2005 Metro Denver Retail Overview (464 KB) Pat McHenry
July 2005 Office Market Overview (396 KB) Doug Bakke
June 2005 The Dynamics of the National Industrial Market (1.2 MB) Jim Dieter
October 2004 Today's Low Cap Rates (358 KB) Geoffrey Dohrmann
July 2004 Industrial Markets (313 KB) Jim Bolt
July 2004 Capital Markets Overview (111 KB) Tim Swan
April 2004 The Power of Urban Renewal (5.7 MB) Continuum
March 2004 Joint Venture Equity (954 KB) Hanover Financial Company
March 2004 Financing Overview (210 KB) Northmarq Capital
January 2004 Myth or Reality? (467 KB) Robert Bach
July 2003 Retail Business (722 KB) Jon Weisiger
July 2003 Office Market Overview (1.4 MB) Todd Wheeler
March 2003 Mold and Commercial Real Estate
New York Department of Health website
Dennis Polk
January 2003 2003 Market Overview (935 KB) Kevin Thomas
July 2002 Investment Market Overview (176 KB) Dave Tilton
July 2002 Rocky Mountain Idea Exchange Program (1.5 MB) Dean Insalaco
July 2002 Mid-Year Real Estate Update (899 KB) Mike Camp
January 2002 U.S. and Colorado Economic Outlook (468 KB)
Colorado Business Review (bimonthly economic newsletter)
Richard L. Wobbekind
January 2002 Pederson's Polemical Property Predictions (294 KB) Rick Pederson
July 2001 Mid-Year Industrial Report (764 KB) James M. Bolt
March 2001 Capital Markets Update (2.5 MB)  
January 2001 2001 Economic Forecast (360 KB)