Corporate Membership F.A.Q.


How many members does my company need to take advantage of the Chapter-based Corporate Membership program?

Your company must have a minimum of four members, all of whom are in the same chapter.

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Which member will receive the dues invoice?

The member who has been designated as the full member from within your company will receive the invoice that lists all of the individuals within your Chapter-based Corporate membership.

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How will the dues be calculated?

The first three members within the membership are billed regular NAIOP membership dues -- $995 for the full member and $670 for the two affiliate members.  The fourth and all additional members will be billed $495. Remember, chapter dues are additional and will be included on your invoice. 

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Will all of my company's chapter-based corporate members receive Development Magazine and the other NAIOP publications?

Yes, all individuals included in the Chapter-based Corporate Membership are considered NAIOP members and as such, will receive all of the benefits and services.

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As a chapter-based corporate member, how can my company contribute to the Legislative Issues Fund?

All chapter-based corporate members will have the opportunity to voluntarily contribute to the LIF.

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Can we add new individuals to our Chapter-based Corporate Membership throughout the year?

Yes, new individuals can be added to the membership throughout the year; however, they will assume the anniversary date of the corporate membership for billing purposes.

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