Committees & Subcommittees

Membership Committee - Click Here for Committee Roster

Tyler Reed (Chair) 
Jacey File (NAIOP Staff)

The Membership Committee of NAIOP-Colorado has four major objectives to ensure the continued success and growth of the organization.  These objectives include, but are not limited to:  recruitment of potential new members, new member orientation, new member assistance, and welcoming and retention of existing members.  Each month, the Membership Committee meets to discuss and review potential professionals in the commercial real estate industry who would benefit from involvement in NAIOP.  A member of the committee will either volunteer a prospect or will be assigned to a potential member.  Upon joining NAIOP, new members are welcomed and receive personal attention from committee members to field any questions or concerns.  New members are provided the NAIOP Orientation Materials via the Members Only section of the NAIOP Colorado web-site.  In addition, they are asked to attend a New Member Orientation held quarterly at various locations around the metro area.  Finally, to maintain the high level of involvement and the quality of our membership, the committee places continual effort on retention of its existing members.  In doing so, NAIOP-Colorado has seen significant growth in the past years, ranking our chapter tenth in the nation out of 51 chapters.

Programs Committee - Click Here for Committee Roster

Joe Zanone (Chair) 
Jayma File (NAIOP Staff)

This committee is responsible for planning the organization’s monthly breakfast programs as well as several special and seasonal events such as the Annual Economic Forecast, Annual Holiday Party, and Property Tour.  The goal is to make the programs informative, educational and entertaining as part of our value proposition to members.  The committee is comprised of more than 20 members who meet on a monthly basis.  The programs focus on new projects, legislative issues, or current business issues that impact our industry.  Formats and topics vary in order to keep the presentations fresh, while maintaining those programs that have been successful and well received over the past years.  Individual committee members take the lead in planning one or more events and in return act as moderator for the program.  Our monthly committee meetings focus on a review of the most recent presentation, including attendance and member feedback.  This review invites discussion by the committee of potential program topics and formats, resulting in the selection of topics and moderators for future programs.  Specific sub-committees have been formed to help plan 3 of the Chapter's largest events: the Annual Golf Classic, the Rocky Mountain Real Estate Challenge and the Annual Property Tour/Fair.

Developing Leaders Committee - Click Here for Committee Roster

Brandon Kramer (Chair/DL Board Member)
Jacey File (NAIOP Staff)

As a sub-committee of the Community Relations committee, made up of Developing Leader members, this group is responsible for creating programming that provides the tools, networking and resources that will help NAIOP Developing Leader members reach the next level in their careers.  These events and programs include, but are not limited to, Dinner with the Icons, Mentor Program, Educational events, Community Outreach and Social Networking gatherings.

Legislative Affairs Committee - Click Here for Committee Roster 

Jim Borgel (Chair)
Kathie Barstnar (Executive Director)
Micki Hackenberger (Lobbyist)
Erin Goff (Lobbyist)

This committee supports the lobbying efforts of NAIOP, and works to ensure that members have a seat at the table in the negotiation of possible legislative and public policy activity affecting commercial real estate.  The LAC meets monthly throughout the year and biweekly during the legislative session to discuss and review state legislation, local activities and ballot initiatives that may be of concern to the NAIOP membership.  Through its subcommittees, the LAC focuses on issues such as taxation, growth, water, land use, transportation, economic development and affordable housing, formulating general policies so that, as specific issues arise, the LAC is prepared to respond.  In addition to the subcommittees, several task forces have been created as well to actively work on time limited issues that will be decided in the next election: ACT, Construction Defects, Denver Planning, Infrastructure, Medical Marijuana and Xcel Intervention.  LAC has brought NAIOP into the forefront of leadership with respect to several issues impacting NAIOP membership such as:  construction defect reform legislation; condemnation; financing of public projects, urban renewal legislation, initiative/referenda affecting water development and TABOR reform.  Much of the effort to implement the LAC’s policies and positions on behalf of NAIOP is directly due to its full-time legislative affairs director, Robert Moody.  With the able assistance of its lobbying firm, Axiom Strategies, and its legal advisor, Fairfield and Woods, Moody has assembled a support team for the LAC that allows its direction to be realized “on the ground.”  These activities are financed through the Common Cents Fund, a voluntary membership contribution based on a penny per square foot of property owned or managed, and through a political action committee for candidate-specific donations.